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Decide if you will be obtaining financing or paying cash. If you decide on a loan, call a lender. Click on the “preferred lender” link at the bottom of this page for some recommendations.

There are many benefits to purchasing a home. Watch this video for more information:  https://youtu.be/SudwCdlS0es.

Closing costs will vary from contract to contract. It depends on if financing is obtained, appraisals, down payment amount, HOA fees, etc. This is where an experienced Realtor® at Collective can help. We can run estimated numbers specially for you and your situation, even before you write an offer.

This depends on a few factors … the most common one being the payment method. If you are obtaining financing, it would be best to check with your lender for a timeline. Typically, we see an average of 30 days, but this depends on the type of loan and lender recommendations.

Another factor is the needs of the buyer and the seller. This entails coming to a meeting of the minds, which your experienced Collective agent can facilitate.

The inspection period is typically 10 days. However, the number of days can be negotiated in the offer.

We can recommend* trusted service people for almost everything you need for your home. You will always feel welcome to call us anytime, even if it is years after the closing. We are here for you!

*Note: It is always best to conduct your own due diligence with every recommendation.

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